How to stream Youtube TV in India

How Can You Watch YouTube TV In India?

You have definitely heard of YouTube. You have probably heard of YouTube Premium. But have you ever heard of YouTube TV? Well, probably, since you ended up here. But do you fully appreciate what this new generation streaming platform is capable of?

YouTube TV isn’t just another one in a long line of run-of-the-mill streaming services. It competes in the same league as the likes of FuboTV, Sling TV, DirectTV Stream, and Hulu with Live TV in the good old US of A. And to be frank, that’s a whole other bracket. YouTube TV isn’t about snatching up the rights to as many movies and series as possible before others can, its main purpose is streaming real TV.
YouTube TV, replacing satellite and cable subscriptions

YouTube TV is designed for those who want to dump their satellite or cable subscriptions. Because in this day and age, why would you even want one?

Now, people can easily watch their favorite shows on their TVs, laptops, phones, tablets at home, or on the go. And YouTube TV can do all of that… and so much more!

So let’s have a nice long look at how YouTube TV made life so much easier. But even more importantly, how you, yes you, can get in on some YouTube TV streaming action, even in India!

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So what’s available on YouTube TV?

So what makes YouTube TV so awesome?

Well, think of it as a one-stop shop to watch all the American TV you could ever want on one single platform that’s as easy to use as Netflix. Now add all the on-demand movies, series, and shows you could ever imagine. Not add a pinch of originals, as well as all the most sought-after sports streams.

Voila! That’s about YouTube TV.

However, we don’t think this short rundown does the platform any actual justice. So let’s get into everything that makes YouTube TV one of the biggest streaming platforms around.


Let’s start with the big one. The channels.

There are almost 90 channels on YouTube TV ranging from lifestyle, entertainment, news, local, and sports.

Secondly, you can stream live news channels on YouTube TV like NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, and local PBS channels. Other than that, you will have access to watch CNBC, BBC America, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, and CNBC.
Live channels streaming on YouTube TV

But even that’s not all!

There are several channels for sports lovers as well, including NFL Network, ESPN, CBS Sports, ESPN 2, MLB Network, and NBA TV.

However, if you think that YouTube TV is only limited to sports and news, think again!

The online TV platform has famous lifestyle and entertainment channels such as FX, Discovery (HGTV, Travel Channel, and Food Network), Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, BET, TNT, and TBS.

Long story short, this is pretty much all of American TV in one place. Interested?
Watch more than 85 channels on YouTube TV

On-Demand shows and movies

If you think that YouTube TV is all about… well, TV, you are mistaken. The streaming platform also has an on-demand section, and that’s a full-blown streaming service.

The precise number of movies and TV series available on YouTube TV is unknown, but we counted over 2,000.

To access the on-demand movies and series section of the YouTube TV streaming platform, all you have to do is go to the Live tab, which displays all channels. Choose one and then click on the on-demand option.

If you are searching for good movies or shows, the possibilities are endless. There is a wide variety of genres on YouTube, including, but not limited to, animation, rom-com, thriller, Disney, family, crime, and romantic. Also, fan favorites such as Bad Moms, Baywatch, 22 Jump Street, Avatar, Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated, and many more are part of their repository.
Videos and programmes on YouTube TV

Not enough?

YoutTube TV has even more shows, including Rick and Morty (duh, it has Cartoon Network and Adult Swim), South Park, The Office, Friends, The Big Bang Theory, Parks and Recs, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and so on.

It even has originals, like Justin Bieber: The Next Chapter, The Gift: The Journey of Johnny Cash.

With this much content available on-demand, one would even have to wonder, why would you even need any other streaming service apart from YouTube TV?
Shows you can watch on YouTube TV


Did you think that that was all?

You can pretty much access content from a variety of streaming services on YouTube TV!

Of course, we’re talking about the big guns, such as Showtime, Starz, NBC, ConTC, MLS, and even HBO Max. Just in case there was not enough for you to stream.
Downloading YouTube TV add-ons

Is YouTube TV available in India?

Unfortunately, YouTube TV is only accessible in the United States, so it won’t work in India.

This is because most of the featured channels and streaming platforms are restricted to the US only. So you are restricted to merely swooning over the magnificence that is one of the most popular hubs for streaming and watching TV.
YouTube TV is not available in India

Or are you?

How can you access YouTube TV in India?

First of all, don’t panic!

You can enjoy everything available on YouTube TV. Keep in mind that if anything is restricted on the web, you can easily access it with the right tools. And a VPN is the only solution to the problem. Thanks to which you can make the streaming platform think you are in the US only.

Why is a VPN the perfect solution, you ask?

However, we aren’t talking about the random, free providers — they would be instantly flagged. So you need something beyond exceptional. That said, a VPN with the following features will suffice:

  • Robust servers in the United States, and lots of them.
  • The ability to evade some of the strongest geoblocks and limitations.
  • Fast enough to handle all the fun that YouTube TV has to offer.
  • Extra security, concealment, and, of course, streaming features.

Unblock YouTube TV with a VPN

Which VPN to use?

Given the strict standards that a VPN for YouTube TV is held to, just about any app won’t cut it.

For this task, we propose NordVPN, which has become one of our favorite providers.

You must be wondering, ‘why?’ Well:

  • It stands tall among the few VPN services that genuinely work.
  • NordVPN boasts one of the most extensive server networks in the United States, so you can be sure you will be streaming in no time.
  • It is one of the fastest VPNs available, which is noticeable and essential when streaming.
  • Because of its obfuscation and other capabilities designed specifically to circumvent streaming service limits.
  • It features a static IP option, which makes circumventing limitations easier because streaming platforms are not suspicious.
Not enough NordVPN knowledge?

Just remember to keep your NordVPN app connected to a US server at all times, so it doesn’t give away your actual location in Varanasi!

Broadcast yourself… from anywhere

As you have probably gathered, YoutubeTV isn’t your average streaming platform. One of those that keep popping up every other Tuesday.

No. This is a platform that’s doing something different. It’s combining and bringing all of the American TV the whole world can’t get enough of and is bringing it online. And this is a feat that has never been done before. Not to this scale. So who would be better suited to do that, than the platform the brings us an endless supply of cat and ASMR videos.

And sure, the $65 dollar per month initial price point is very steep. But this isn’t Netflix. It’s not limited by whoever has the rights to a certain movie or show this week. It’s pure, unlimited, and endless content.

Want to stay ahead on all of the US news, shows, reality TV, movies, series, sports, and, oh, so much more?

Now, with the help of our trusted friend NordVPN, you can!

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