What can a VPN do and why you should get it

What can a VPN do for you?

VPNs have been around for over two decades now. And with every passing day, more and more people all over the world find VPNs to be less of a luxury, and more of an absolute necessity in today’s world.

Our everyday lives are becoming more and more digitized. The COVID-19 pandemic has massively changed the world and it’s never fully going back to the way it was. New decades create new threats we are forced to deal with…

All of this creates both opportunities and dangers, dangers you are mostly left to fend off on your own. And this is exactly where VPNs come into play because if you don’t take your online privacy and security into your own hands, no one will do that for you.

So let’s start with the facts.

Since February 2021, the global use of VPNs has increased by 21%. And India is one of the countries where VPN use has spiked, seeing a massive 15% growth in the last few months alone.

So why exactly are more and more people all over the world, and especially in India, getting VPNs to secure their online presence? And should you be getting on board before it’s too late?! (Spoiler alert: Definitely!)

Convinced already?
OK, so which VPN should you choose?

Why do you definitely need a VPN?

We are definitely pro-privacy and pro-VPNs. It’s in the name.

But some are still not convinced that VPNs are actually worth it and have that much use in their everyday lives. Well, if you’re one of those people that still don’t see the need and appeal, we’re here to change your mind.

We’ve gathered all of the reasons everyone who’s ever had a fleeting thought about their online privacy, security, and freedom, should definitely get a VPN.

Get comfortable, it’s a pretty long ride.

Hacking is here to stay

The COVID-19 pandemic did not come alone. In one form or another, it has also introduced us to the imminent threat of hacking, as well as instilled an inherent fear of being completely vulnerable online.

And while pandemics come and go, hacking is definitely here to stay. In the first quarter of 2021 hacking and cyberattacks, targeting huge and small businesses kept growing in scale and numbers, quickly becoming of the biggest threats in our everyday lives.
Avoid being hacked using a VPNEven though it’s the really big hacks that make it on BBC, it’s us, the people, who get the worst end of the stick. Most online threats don’t target big companies, but small to medium companies and individuals. So not being featured on the Fortune 500 doesn’t mean you’re safe.

If you were lucky enough not to encounter such an issue, make sure you keep it that way. And one of the best ways to do so is by using a VPN.

Government surveillance is on the rise

If you think that it’s the government’s job to be protecting you from online threats and dangers, we’re going to have to burst your bubble. The government is more concerned with getting access to your personal information, rather than protecting it.

Ever since the launch of Facebook, the amount of personal user data requested by the governments has grown 600%, steadily increasing every year.

But we don’t really need a reminder about the government keeping tabs on the people. The infamous Pegasus leak of 2021 has reminded us that the Indian government is no stranger to online surveillance, and you definitely do not have to be a politician to be

Still doubting Big Brother is watching you? Don’t be. He definitely is. So what are you going to do about that?

Secure your online banking

These days you don’t actually have to steal somebody’s wallet in a dark alley to steal somebody’s money. It’s actually much simpler to do online. And, as an added bonus, you don’t have to deal with fingerprints.

Online banking and transaction are getting riskier day after day, with cybercriminals constantly looking for ways to get their grubby little hands on your most personal and important information.

Hacks, phishing websites, malware, social engineering – the tactics criminals use online to steal your pin are many and they are getting more sophisticated by the day. So no matter how careful you are, you only have to drop your guard once.

A reliable VPN will be a personal bouncer to the elite club that is your bank account.
Secure your online banking with a VPN

Advertisers know everything about you

You might be wondering, why would I need protection from advertisers? Well, these businesses continually gather your information, and you probably don’t even know how badly they can invade your privacy. But they don’t even stop there. They also constantly resell your data for others to use any way they see fit.

You’d be surprised how much advertisers actually know about you. Some messaging apps, social media, even VPNs actually read your messages and gather some of your most private information so sell it to the highest bidder with no remorse.

Sure, they can call it a ‘personalized experience‘. But we prefer the term ‘invasion of privacy‘.
Advertisers gather information on you

We’re not having that. Are you?

Take back your freedom

Remember when you were an edgy teen going through a goth phase and wanted to keep all of your information private and secret, while your parents were constantly snooping around trying to find out what are you up to at three in the morning?

Well, we’re all grown-ups now (at least some of us, though we still paint our nails black), and yet there’s still somebody trying to figure out what kind of fan-fiction are we into in the middle of the night.

One thing to know before you go online is that you’ll never be alone. And not in a fun, nice, and cozy way.

There are always third parties watching you, keeping tabs on your every move. Everything you Google, every website you visit, every post you like, every cat video you watch and laugh at, there’s always somebody watching and carefully collecting that information.

And this time a ‘Keep out‘ sticker on your door will just not cut it. The only way to keep surveillance out of your life is by using tools that are as sophisticated as those used by the ones tracking you. Luckily, there are VPNs.
Take back your online privacy with a VPN

Social media doesn’t have to know everything

Who doesn’t have at least five hundred social media accounts these days? Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok, you are surely ‘hooked’ on something.

The problem is, even when you are not active on a platform, it can still access, read, or share your personal information and even messages. It’s like you are giving out your data to big tech companies for free. And they just can’t get enough of it.

But it can’t be that bad, right? You have no idea!

Social media platforms know so much about you, it’s scary. All of your likes and dislikes, your social and marital status, bank information, your employment status, the type of work you do and where you work, your hobbies, sexual orientation, your children, pets and all of their names, your exact location right now…

Most things you are not allowed to be asked in a job interview, social media knows about you. And they are having a field day selling you socks and making billions off it.
Avoid social media apps tracking with a VPNA VPN might not solve this issue entirely (since you still accept those privacy policies no one reads), but it can limit the information they access. How much are you willing to share?

Censorships, who?

You can’t read this; you can’t watch that; you can’t play any of this. And you are not the one calling the shots – the government, your school, your office, your ISP are.

The internet was once created to make information free and easy to access by anyone and everyone who wants it. But these days it’s the exact opposite. The Internet is filled with walls and barbed wire, keeping you out of places you might really want to access.

Whether it’s streaming platforms, news outlets, social media platforms, even something as innocent as some online games – there’s basically nothing left that’s unrestricted.

Regardless of what the government or big business thinks you should be able to access, these days you have the means to make the Internet as free as it can be. And all you need for that is a VPN.
Circumvent censorship with a VPN

It’s about your business

Some people simply don’t care about their personal information and messages (even though they should). However, when it comes to business, everyone gets really serious all of a sudden.

And there’s actually a good reason for that.

Endpoint users account for over 70% of all business breaches these days. And those can be absolutely devastating.

And it really doesn’t take much. A dumb WiFi password, working on the Starbucks network, torrenting while working from home, etc. – next thing you know, you’ve taken down the entire company. And you definitely don’t want to be that guy. It’s one thing spilling soup all over your pants that time, being the cause for a ransomware attack is another.

Granted, not everyone can hire a dedicated cybersecurity expert, but everyone has the means to get a VPN.
Small businesses are frequent targets of cyber attacks

Fun and games

A VPN is not only a means for safety, anonymity, or professionalism. It’s also there to help you have fun!

If there’s something the COVID pandemic has taught us is that you can drink wine all day while working from home sitting at home can get really, REALLY boring. So you shouldn’t underestimate the value of instant access to streaming.

However, there may be a lot of streaming platforms, even free ones, but we don’t get access to many of them out here in India. Some of the best ones are blocked, and we have to deal with what we have left, which isn’t much.

Now, is that fair? Definitely not! We have the right to stream the latest DC movie as much as everyone else.
Unblock international streaming services with a VPN

Can we change that? Definitely yes… With the right VPN.

Want to unblock BBC iPlayer, for example?
There is a VPN for that!

Access to better prices

While one country offers discounts on specific offers, say plane tickets, another doesn’t. And what if you want to take advantage of a discount but aren’t eligible for one?

A VPN is your own personal coupon code for pretty much anything. See, these prices are pretty fictional. So, if you appear in a particular country with the discount option on a streaming platform, car rental, or plane ticket (you name it), you might as well use it.
Access better prices when using a VPN

Feed the nostalgia

Lots of our friends have left the country. You might be reading this from abroad yourself. So, you might be missing some local content. Whether it’s because of nostalgia, or because it’s that much cheaper, we can’t blame you for wanting to tune in to Disney+ Hotstar or the MX Player at least once in a while.

Well, good news. A VPN can not only allow you to access content abroad but also to take back access to all of your favorite local platforms wherever you are.

Hey, it’s like you’re watching cricket with the rest of us.
Unlock streaming services with a VPN

Superior gaming options

India isn’t a stranger to gaming bans. The government has not been kind to PubG or Mobile Legends, as well as so many other mobile, console and PC games.

On top of that, we tend to get games much later than the rest of the world. India might be one of the cheapest countries for buying games, but when it comes to new releases we might as well be watching Let’s Plays controller in hand to experience the newest releases as soon as they come out.

A decent VPN can change all of that. It can unban that which has been banned. It can also let you get your hands on all of the newest games, updates, and special events along with the rest of the world and not a minute later.

Widen your gaming options with a VPNAll your friends have one

If all the reasons to get a VPN weren’t enough to convince you, remember that all of you friend probably already have one and are currently discussing how awesome HBO Max is, or how great the latest season of The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu has been.

And you don’t want to feel left out now, do you?

Convinced yet?

A VPN is a gamechanger when it comes to online freedom, safety, security, and anonymity. This is one of the few means you have to protect yourself from nearly every threat and restriction online. Whether that’s your ISP, cybercriminals, advertisers, social media platforms, or the government – a VPN is there to help you take back your online freedom and make the Internet a safe, free, unrestricted place once again.

So are you in or are you in?!

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