Get 72% off a 2-year plan with NordVPN

The best time to get NordVPN

It is summer, and NordVPN has got a way to make it perfect for you.

You’ve probably been reading that VPNs can solve nearly all of the world’s problems, including world hunger, but you just can’t seem to press the trigger when it comes to subscribing. Lucky for you, NordVPN has got you courtesy of the new exciting VPN deal it has got going on… step aside Stacy’s Mom.

It is arguably one of the best VPN options all around, and no VPN goes as big when it comes to discounts. The provider has gone even bigger this time in the new promo that makes the VPN service as affordable as ever!

Wait whaaaaat?

You heard it here first folks, NordVPN has started its most exciting summer campaign in years, offering never before seen discounts and a few additional perks. It has rolled out a limited-time offer and that means you’ve got a short while to make the best out of it.

What is it, you ask? Well…

72% off on the 2-year plan + 3 months free

The 2-year plan is where it is at. NordVPN gives you an exclusive one-time deal on this plan which comes with a 72% discount. It will only set you back $3.30 per month. The provider has also thrown in three extra months that won’t be billed on the deal. Yes, that’s three months of NordVPN subscription at absolutely no cost! The pricing sums up to $89.00 for the entire period compared to $322.65 when it is not on offer.

Now if that’s not a deal, we don’t know what is!
The NordVPN summer deal gives you 72% discount

How can you get the most out of the deal?

VPNs always have some kind of deal going on, and at some point, you are no longer sure whether there is an actual deal or just banners being switched out.  You don’t have to worry about that this time because we have got your back.

The new and exclusive summer deal is only available with VPN Service, so make sure to click on the links we’ve sprinkled all over our website. They will direct you to an exclusive checkout page where you can get NordVPN for the best price ever.

Grab your very own NordVPN 2-year plan before it’s too late

Grab the exclusive NordVPN deal!

This is your cue!

Were you ever hesitating to get a VPN despite needing one desperately? Well, that’s one thing you have got to take off your list now.

But, remember, time is of the essence, so think fast or come crawling back to us for help.

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