Best VPNs with a Double VPN Feature

What is a Double VPN? Is it just fashionable innovation or necessity? You might think that Double VPN means changing the types of encryption, for example, AES-512 instead of AES-256. Instead of doubling the complexity of the encryption algorithm, another layer is added to it.

Usually, your internet traffic only gets to the network after going through the VPN server. So what happens when you use a Double VPN?

1) Traffic goes through the VPN server 1.
2) Then, it gets redirected through the VPN server 2.
3) After that, information comes out to the Internet.

Basically, encryption covers your traffic before it goes to the web, and then its decrypted. Since it’s double encryption, the process happens again. On the way to your device, these manipulations are repeated in the opposite direction.

So what Double VPN does with your IP address? It masks your real IP address twice instead of once, so the addresses of two different servers can replace it during your session.

What about using two VPNs at the same time?

If you think you are limited to connecting to only two VPN servers at the same time, then we have some good news! You can create multiple VPN connections. Since traffic passes through several servers, this is no longer called a double VPN connection, but a VPN chain or cascading.

Thus, your internet traffic can be routed through 3-4 servers. Each server imposes a new layer of encryption and another IP address. It gives you a super-disguise of your identity but severely limits your connection speed and bandwidth. Technically, for ordinary users, a double VPN is enough.

Benefits of using double VPN

  • It will be really difficult for hackers to decrypt your data if you cover the information with the second encryption layer.
  • The reliable way to protect your privacy. It doesn’t mean that the regular VPN-connection can’t handle it, but extra-security can be useful in some cases.
  • IP-address protection. The chain works like this: the first VPN server completely changes your real IP address, so the second server doesn’t carry any personal information.
  • Anonymity. Thanks to Double VPN, even your ISP can’t see your online activity. Such in-depth protection effectively works against hackers, scammers, and even authorities spying.

The best VPNs with a double VPN feature

There are two primary services with Double VPN:

NordVPN gets this function in its subscription and promotes it like one of the top features. You can find it on Android, macOS, and Windows apps. With this service, you turn on Double VPN this way:

  • Open the NordVPN app.
  • Find the ‘Dedicated servers’ list.
  • Choose Double VPN and connect. Or you can select the servers manually if you think some of them suit you better.

Surfshark calls this function MultiHop. The provider even claims that this feature can increase your connection speed. How to use it:

  • Sign up/login for a Surfshark account.
  • Find the ‘Locations’ list in the Surfshark app and enter.
  • Find the ‘MultiHop’ on the screen.
  • Click it, scroll down, and select two servers.

When do you need Double VPN?

If you want an extra-level of internet security, this feature will be a perfect match. But is it necessary to use it every day? Most often, it is a solution for exceptional cases. Let’s find out if Double VPN suits you:

  • Your work is about journalistic or political activism:
    Being a public person can be quite dangerous — even if you work for a good cause, you can still interfere with someone. Such work requires secure access to information and the possibility to hide from surveillance. Double encryption will help to protect your data and relocations.
  • You don’t want the authorities watching you:
    Even in the 21st century, many countries stick to strong Internet censorship. In such cases, people who want to tell the truth to the world and are not afraid to publish the real version of incidents, are forced to protect themselves online. Even ordinary citizens can get fines and even go to jail for a political or religious speech on the web. Double VPN will help those who share news and those who want to read them but can’t because of threats and bans.
  • You need extra protection for your data :
    Double VPN is useful if your correspondence or video chats, or any other transmitted information can be intercepted and used for harm. That’s why additional traffic security is needed not only for personal safety but also to protect your confidential sources.

When you don’t need Double VPN

  • For regular internet using: the VPN providers from our reviews provide a reliable protection level for the subscribers from all around the world.
  • When you need P2P downloads or uploads: as usual, providers have special servers for that.
  • Gaming and streaming: Double VPN (or MultiHop) may slow down the speed, and your video will lag.

Everyone wants to keep the privacy of personal information both in real life and in virtual space. Double VPN technology is an excellent opportunity to stay anonymous and improve data security while browsing the Internet. So the process of routing your traffic through two VPN servers prevents your network activity from being monitored. Now you know how Double VPN works and where to find it. It may not be your wish, but a dire need.

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