What is the best VPN provider

Best VPN

The best VPN

The best VPN is different for everybody. It depends on what you plan on using the VPN for. The level of protection that the VPN offers plays a big part in your decision. The price can influence it too. Many people purchase a VPN, because they would like to watch movies or series that aren’t available on Netflix or other streaming websites in their country. Using a VPN, they can circumvent geo-blocking. But others use a VPN, because they would like to stay completely anonymous online. So that they can contact people that live in area’s with a repressive regime, for example. Other factors, such as download speed or the difficulty of installing the VPN app can play a part in your decision too. So the question is actually not “What is the best VPN”, but “Which VPN suits me?”.

Which VPN suits me?

To find out which VPN is the most suitable for your needs, it’s best to first take a look at the way that you use your internet. Your online privacy will always be increased when you’re using a VPN, because it encrypts your data. However, each VPN does this differently. VPNs deploy so-called “protocols” to encrypt your online signal. This way, nobody can read along with you. The quality of the protocol that your VPN uses, determines how well your data is being encrypted. A protocol can be good or not so good. On top of that, a protocol that has performed well for a long time, could now be less valuable and offer less protection, because of new technical developments. Owing to always using the newest protocols, 5 Euro VPN achieves a high degree of protection.

Privacy and VPN servers

A VPN that has enormous amounts of servers, worldwide, to its disposal, might seem enticing. However, you should ask yourself how they got all these servers. Indeed, these VPN providers often rent servers from third parties. You should look at this critically for a moment. What happens to your privacy when you’re using a server in a country where internet freedom is being threatened, such as North Korea?

What difference is there between various VPNs?

So it’s very important to look at the methods of different VPNs, before you decide which one to purchase. If you download a lot of files, it’s useful to look at the data limits of the VPN. Many free VPNs restrict how much you can download or stream per device. If you rather desire guaranteed anonymity, it’s useful to look at the encryption protocols and the presence of a kill switch.

The VPN with the highest speed

The speed of one VPN can differ quite a bit from the speed of another. But not only the VPN affects your data speed. You are responsible for most of the factors that influence your speed. If you notice that your speed has declined considerably, it’ll be worth taking a look at which hard- and software you’re using and what kind of connection you have. But if nothing has changed other than the fact that you’re using a (different) VPN now, then that VPN is probably to blame. There’s a big difference between the performance of different VPN providers. The geographical distance between your device and the server influences your speed, but also the quality of the server or the network. If you find slow internet speed problematic, we advise you to test various VPN providers with your setup. You can also take a look at our reviews of various VPN providers, in which we included speed tests.

What does a VPN cost?

One VPN can be as much as five times as expensive as another. Obviously, everybody keeps this difference in price in mind. If you already know that you’re going to be using a VPN for the rest of your life, then it’s a good idea to get a long-term subscription. This is often a lot cheaper. The price will also be higher when a provider, for example, offers more support or has more instructional videos, or when you’re able to use the app on more devices at the same time. But beware: an expensive VPN is rarely better!

The best VPN…

Unfortunately we cannot give you a definitive answer to the question “What is the best VPN?”. Everyone lays down different requirements for VPNs and so everyone will call another VPN the “best” VPN. However, we do think there are a few providers that you nearly cannot be dissatisfied with. You can find these in the block at the top of this article. You can also take a look at our overview of the Top 10 VPN providers, for more detailed information.

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