Surfshark Black Friday Sale (2022)!

Surfshark Black Friday Sale (2022)!

Nothing beats a good deal. And there is no better time for deals than the fourth Friday of every November because that’s the day every store goes crazy with sales and discounts and then YouTube explodes with videos of your local tech store employees fighting off crazed customers like it’s the zombie apocalypse. And, honestly, who can blame them when there are deals as good as Surfshark’s 2022 Black Friday sale?! Also, bonus points, because unlike vacuum cleaners and smart milk frothers, you can’t run out of Surfshark subscriptions and you don’t have to fight a feisty grandma to get it. In fact, you don’t even have to get up.

If you have been dreaming of getting a VPN subscription but just could never get around to it, now is the time to finally do it. Black Friday is nigh, and so are some of the best VPN deals the online world has ever seen. And leading the way is Surfshark, with not just its best deal ever, but what could very well be the best VPN deal this Black Friday out of all the VPN providers! Interested?

Get 84% OFF + 2 MONTH FREE on Surfshark!!!

What is the 2022 Surfshark Black Friday deal?

Surfshark has come a long way after starting off as one of the youngest premium VPN providers in the world back in 2018. These days it’s the third-biggest VPN in the world and an equal part of Nord Security, creating a safer Internet along with NordVPN. But no matter how big Surfshark got in recent years, it has always stayed true to its roots by bringing its users a stellar, trustworthy, and yet affordable premium VPN service and an avalanche of innovative features NO other VPN has!

And this Black Friday, for the first time ever, you have what may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get Surfshark for the lowest price ever.

This Black Friday Surfshark is having a massive 82% OFF sale. And not just that. The 24-month subscription also comes with 2 MONTHS COMPLETELY FREE!
Surfshark 2022 Black Friday sale

But if you think that all there is to it, we can do you one better!

With TechTypical you can get an EXCLUSIVE 84% OFF + 2 MONTHS FREE on the 2-year Surfshark subscription.

Is this as good as Black Friday VPN deals get? – Yes, it is!

Why go with Surfshark above any other VPN sale this Black Friday?

There are lots of VPNs out there. Maybe even too much. And nearly each of them is trying to outdo each other with VPN deals. We’re talking huge discounts, months upon months for free, additional perks and features, coupons to McDonald’s… So why go with Surfshark above any other VPN provider including the powerhouses that are NordVPN or ExpressVPN?

Surfhark not what you're looking for?
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Well, if the best VPN discount isn’t enough to sell you, we hope all of this will:

  • Surfshark is the first VPN provider in the world to reach servers in over 100 different countries. This means that Sursfhark has some of the best VPN server networks ready for anyone who is looking for additional security and privacy.
  • This little VPN is packed with unique features, such as MultiHop (for extra privacy), CleanWeb (for extra safety), the Cookie pop-up blocker (for extra comfort), IP rotator (for even more privacy), Website safety warning (for extra security) and more.
  • Surfshark’s family of products keeps expanding. It now offers additional features such as an Antivirus, Alert, Search, and Incogni – the only way to take your data off the web. Who knows what this little provider will launch in the next two years?!
  • It’s as great for your online safety as it is for your online entertainment. Surfshark cracks Netflix libraries and streaming services like it’s nobody’s business, so you will never be left with nothing to watch.
  • Have we mentioned the best-ever deal yet?
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This doesn’t begin to do Surfshark justice. And if you give it a try this Black Friday, you will love it as much as we do. Guaranteed!

Surf the web like a pro!

Black Friday is almost here! And if you miss it, there’s always Cyber Monday to pick up the slack. So if you really want a VPN, but are also on a budget (we get it, those smart milk frothers are something else), then you should definitely go with Surfshark.

It’s not just that Surfshark’s Black Friday sale is great! This little VPN packs a lot of punch on a budget. So if you have always wanted a fancy VPN to show off to friends or surf Netflix libraries at a press of a button, this is it! This is the time to get Surfshark!

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