ExpressVPN launches password manager

ExpressVPN launches password manager

ExpressVPN – one of the leading VPN providers in the world – has released its very own password manager, ExpressVPN keys.

ExpressVPN Keys is the latest addition to the ExpressVPN family of products. It works like any other password manager and lets you generate highly secure passwords, safely store them, and fill them in when signing in with a single click.

Forget having to remember every single password, or using one insecure password for every service, that puts your online security at risk. With ExpressVPN Keys, you now have the option to have all of your login information securely and safely stored without having to sacrifice comfort.

Much like ExpressVPN itself, ExpressVPN Keys uses state-of-the-art encryption that makes sure you are the only one who can access your passwords. Your login information is only ever decrypted on your device using one master password or your biometrics.

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While ExpressVPN isn’t the first VPN provider to introduce a password manager to their service. However, ExpressVPN Keys is the only VPN that made its password manager addon fully free of charge for any ExpressVPN user.

Currently, ExpressVPN Keys is available with the ExpressVPN Chrome extension, as well as the Android app. The iOS password manager is still in development slated for release later this year.

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