Surfshark introduces cookie pop-up blocker

Surfshark introduces cookie pop-up blocker

Surfshark released an update, which introduced the first-ever cookie pop-up blocker to come with a VPN.

The new addition to Surfshark’s VPN functionality was designed specifically to improve the user’s web browsing experience. It removes all of the cookie compliance pop-ups you get on every website courtesy of the GDPR of the European Union.

Surfshark’s new cookie pop-up blocker uses several methods of work. It uses CSS rules, as well as network request blocks, to prevent cookie consent pop-ups from showing up on your screen. If both of these methods fail, the blocker has a failsafe in place that automatically accepts the cookie consent on your behalf.

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However, Surfshark’s cookie blocker feature is by no means a privacy tool. The feature simply removes the pop-up from showing up to improve the web experience, but it does not prevent pop-ups or cookies from happening. Otherwise, you would not be able to access the websites.

The cookie pop-up blocker is another in a long line of exclusive features only available with Surfshark, as well as the first-ever solution of its kind to come with a VPN.
The feature is available with the provider’s Google Chrome browser extension and is currently being reviewed by the Firefox browser.

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