VPN detection tools proposed to be mandatory to fight geo-piracy

VPN detection tools proposed to be mandatory to fight geo-piracy

While the US Copyright Offices are looking into updating copyright legislation, a company by the name of GeoComply suggested making VPN detection tools mandatory for online entertainment platforms to better fight geo-piracy.

For a few months, the United States Copyright Office has been going through consultations with the goal of updating current copyright laws in order to make them future-proof. While most of the discussion revolves around technologies that filter out copyright-infringing content, a company named GeoComply is trying to make fighting geo-piracy part of the problem.

The CEO of the company, Anna Sainsbury, addressed the Copyright Office in a letter, suggesting that thousands of readily available VPNs and DNS proxies on the market are used to spoof user location and get access to the content they otherwise couldn’t. Coincidentally, GeoComply is also a company that provides VPN detection services that are mostly used by streaming services.

While GeoComply’s proposal does sound like a marketing/branding pitch, rather than an actual call to arm against VPNs and their use as a geo-pirating tool, this could bring this copyright issue into the spotlight. However, for now, none of the other rights- or stakeholders have brought it up.

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