Black Friday NordVPN Sale (2022)!

Black Friday NordVPN Sale (2022)!

It’s that time of the year again! Black Friday! And that can only mean one thing – The Biggest VPN Sale of the year. And you can’t spell ‘Virtual Private Network’ without NordVPN.

We get it. You’ve been putting off taking out a NordVPN subscription month after month. It just didn’t feel like the right time, everything was getting more expensive, and the monthly reports were put off until the very last second. However, this time there are no more excuses, no more postponing, and no good reason to get yourself a fancy VPN subscription. Because this is the year NordVPN is having its biggest sale ever. And you don’t want to miss it!

Grab the best NordVPN Black Friday sale ever!

What is NordVPN’s 2022 Black Friday deal?

NordVPN is no stranger to deals. One might say NordVPN was the trendsetter for VPNs to have some kind of deal going at all times. But this Black Friday the legendary provider is going all-out with its special offer.

Amidst every VPN in the world jacking up prices like it’s gas, NordVPN is having its biggest Cyber Month sale to date.

This Black Friday, and this Black Friday only, you can get the leading VPN provider in the world with a 68% DISCOUNT!

And it’s not just that!

On top of the return of the legendary discount, NordVPN’s Black Friday discount also comes with an additional 3 MONTHS of COMPLETELY FREE service on top of the 2-year subscription.

That’s 27 months of the world’s leading VPN service you have been waiting to get for its best price ever! Ain’t that sweet?!
NordVPN Black Friday special deal

NordVPN’s special deal is available exclusively through TechTypical, so be sure to take advantage of our one-of-a-kind offer!

Why go for NordVPN on the 2022 Black Friday sale?

NordVPN has been the world’s leading VPN provider for years. And it may have moved on to different things, it’s still the biggest VPN in the world. And that’s already enough reason to get it.

However, NordVPN comes equipped with much more than a big name. Obviously, it’s a big name for a reason and it comes with:

  • Over 5000 speedy servers all over the world to bring you the best speed, the best performance, and the best connection quality a VPN can hope for.
  • The best in online security, including military-grade encryption, a wide range of unbreakable connection protocols, obfuscated servers, split tunneling, Onion-over-VPN, dedicated IPs, and many other features.
  • New and absolutely exclusive features such as Meshnet, which allows you to remotely connect to any device over encrypted tunnels, Threat Protection, which serves to defend you against viruses, trackers, and dangerous websites better than any anti-virus, and Dark Web Monitor, which notifies you about leaked credentials.
  • Easy access to virtually any major streaming service thanks to NordVPN’s vast array of powerful servers the world over, as well as exclusive features such as SmartPlay, which utilizes the best of VPN and Smart DNS technology.
Want to know more?
We're here to to tell! Check out our full NordVPN review

And if all of this still isn’t enough to sell you (and we haven’t even begun to list off everything NordVPN is capable of), this Black Friday NordVPN also comes complete with its stellar password manager NordPass, and an encrypted cloud storage service NordLocker.

What’s better than a deal? A package deal!

The best time to get NordVPN!

We’re sure you have a lot of Black Friday deals to consider. We’re here to save you the trouble. Because nothing beats the feeling of security, privacy, absolute online freedom, and the best bargain you could ever get!

Come Black Friday 2022, get yourself a subscription to NordVPN and enjoy the peak VPN quality for the best bargain ever!

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