Surfshark removes Indian servers

Surfshark pulls its servers from India due to new legislation

In response to the new legislation in India that forces VPN providers to store logs of their users’ data, Surfshark has announced removing all of its servers from the country.

In an attempt to not have to compromise user privacy as well as its own VPN standards, Surfsharka VPN provider which is now part of the Nord Security company – announced that it will be removing all of its servers that are currently based in India. This way, the provider hopes to avoid abiding by the new Indian legislation that is coming into force on June 27 and will force VPN providers to log and store user information.

At the same time, Surfshark will strive to continue providing both local Indian users, as well as users from outside of the country looking to use an Indian IP address with the same level of service. The provider maintains, that with 18 out of 100 Indians having had their online credentials leaked or stolen, the country needs adequate VPN protection more than most.

Much like some of the other VPN providers tackling the changes in local laws, Surfhsark is launching several new virtual servers outside the country to continue providing the level of service local users have come to expect.

The statement issued by Surfshark comes shortly after a similar one made by their competitor – ExpressVPN, which belongs to Kape Technologies.

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