Where to Watch Premier League in 2020

The English Premier League is one of the most prestigious football competitions in Europe. The past 28th season ended with a triumphant victory for Liverpool. The interest in the EPL matches is huge: thousands of fans of uncompromising, intelligent, and emotional English football are looking for a place to watch Premier League 2020/2021 for ten months while the games are on.

Watching EPL football matches seems to be pretty straightforward: just select the broadcast you are interested in and follow the current Premier League calendar, which is easy to find online. The soccer schedule 2020 shows the start date and time of each match in the English Tour. The live stream will be available after the start of the match, although that doesn’t mean you won’t have anything to watch besides the tour. There are numerous analytical and review programs that discuss English football, share their views on the current shape of teams, and announce their play in domestic competitions or in the European arena.

EPL 2020 will start on September 12 and will be broadcasted by such services as NBC, Sky Sports, ESPN, BT Sports, Peacock TV.

Amazon has announced that viewers will be able to watch Premier League live for free on Amazon Prime and Twitch. However, you can watch only 20 matches on Amazon Prime, and to see all live translations of the games, you’ll have to switch to other streaming platforms. Most of them aren’t available in certain regions, so you’ll need a VPN.

Sky Sports and BT Sport (ESPN) hold the keys to the Premier League kingdom once again this season, with Sky having the rights to the lion’s share of 2020/21 fixtures and set to air 128 matches. BT Sport will broadcast 52 games, while Amazon Prime will exclusively stream 20 contests.

Streaming Premier League 2020 can be a problem if you travel or live in a country where Sky Sports or Peacock are not available. It doesn’t matter if the streaming platform isn’t working in your area or if you are in an Internet censored country. The result is the same — you can’t watch the Premier League without a VPN. To make it work, you should install the VPN and select the server of the country where the EPL live-streaming is available (the UK is the best option). When the connection is established, your IP will change to the address of the selected region. Everything looks like you’re watching a match from a place where it’s accessible.

To make the choice easier, we recommend our selection of Best VPNs to Watch ESPN Plus & ESPN3 and other sports streaming services. Thanks to a VPN, broadcasts of EPL-2020/2021 will be available on your personal computer and laptop, as well as on your smartphone and tablet.

Many fans want to see the EPL in the 2020/2021 season: it is the most popular sports league on the planet. With our VPN selection, watching football live streaming has never been so easy!

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