Which VPN Is the Best for Crypto Trading and Bitcoin Payments?

Along with improving security in the crypto industry, there are still many concerns and dangers. Hacker attacks have been repeatedly registered, for example, just to mention New Zealand’s Cryptopia and DragonEX from Singapore. Despite the numerous ways to secure the network, traders still prefer to stay as anonymous as possible when making transactions. Fortunately, with the help of the right VPN service it’s as easy as pie.

Most popular crypto trading platforms


The daily turnover of the Binance crypto exchange normally exceeds one billion dollars. In some cases, it can reach even four billion. The platform has a convenient multilingual interface and many additional tools, which makes trading more comfortable. Binance charges a minimum fee, and you can withdraw two bitcoins per day without identity confirmation. The service also has a mobile app for Android and iOS. Such a famous platform always attracts scammers’ attention, that’s why experienced traders used to empower their security with reliable VPNs.


Coinbase combines functions of a wallet, currency exchange, and trading service. It’s a global brand for converting digital currency to local money and vice versa. The service attracted the attention of big corporations and appears on the pages of such financial observers as Bloomberg, The New-York Times, etc.

Despite such popularity, Coinbase is not available in some large regions like Russia, so you need to use a VPN to access it.


BitMEX (abbreviated from Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange) is one of the leaders in crypto trading. The daily turnover can exceed 300 thousand BTC per day (more than $ 2.5 billion). The service also allows professional traders to receive incomparably large profits.

Access to BitMEX is prohibited in the US.

Any trading platform in the United States should be authorized by the CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission). It is a basic requirement that is not executed by BitMEX.


The LocalBitcoins project has no analogs. On this unique crypto exchange, users can make transactions with each other without the mediation of the site.

Until recently, verification was mandatory only for sellers and big traders. As of September 1, 2019, verifying the identity of all LocalBitcoins customers has also become a requirement. The platform serves over 200 countries and territories. It doesn’t work only in areas that are blocked as a result of international financial restrictions or prohibitions by law.

Countries where LocalBitcoins is not available: USA, China, Indonesia, Syria.


Kraken exchange is one of the most well-known platforms in the cryptocurrency market. The service is highly reliable and has an excellent reputation. Here you can exchange bitcoins for fiat, including the Canadian dollar, and there are no “junk” coins among the virtual assets. The flexible verification system consists of four levels and is required for all accounts.

Kraken is not available in Japan, so you need a VPN to use the service from that region.

Best VPNs for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

It is hard to define one best VPN provider and features for trading Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other popular cryptocurrencies. However, we’ve managed to list five most relevant solutions which should definitely fit modern crypto traders needs. If you want to know in detail about basic VPN features, read the article What Is a VPN?


NordVPN is considered to be one of the fastest and safest services to use. It has over 3,200 servers in 60 locations worldwide providing over 30,000 IP addresses. It also supports up to 6 connections at a time. The unique feature of this service is Double Encryption technology, which is similar to using two VPNs at once: it drives traffic through two separate servers.


CyberGhost VPN is pretty popular among traders. First of all, because of its large list of servers and high speeds. You can be sure of your safety because it’s guarded by:

  • 256-bit encryption
  • Protection from malware
  • Detection and closing IPv6 leaks and effective protection against data theft
  • Preventing phishing from fake websites
  • OpenVPN, IPSec, L2TP, and PPTP protocols.


ExpressVPN also provides the set of features which could be crucial for crypto trading:

  • high productivity
  • convenient using
  • speed test to find the fastest server
  • Kill Switch function
  • P2P sharing
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • zero logs
  • easy protocol switching.


Surfshark is an affordable VPN that impresses with its performance. Low server load and high speed ensure fast and stable connection. Users also get as many simultaneous connections as they want, without any restrictions. Surfshark keeps online activities safe using strong 256-bit encryption and ignoring data logs. With Whitelister (split tunneling) and NoBorders mode (obfuscation settings), this VPN will quickly become your favorite.


IPVanish is also known as one of the best IP masker for cryptocurrency trading and transactions. You can be sure that your real area is not detected. IPVanish protects your activities and masks your online identity with military encryption technology. With IPVanish subscription, you get access to 1400+ VPN servers all over the world. Unlimited bandwidth and server switching are two more features you may find useful for crypto trading. And don’t forget to checkout peer-to-peer traffic, SOCKS5 web proxy, OpenVPN, and L2TP / IPsec VPN protocols.

Extra security layer

Security and anonymity need a complex approach. So, in addition to VPNs, don’t forget to use:

  • Special browser extensions, or safe browsers like Sphere, Epic, or Brave;
  • Reliable firewalls and antiviruses for protection against personal data leaks;
  • Anonymous email accounts for online registration;
  • Various nicknames;
  • Complex passwords.

When trading cryptocurrency it’s important to be careful with all the links you find in emails and messages. Also if it’s possible, stop using social networks. So be attentive, choose the right VPN, and be sure that your transactions are safe.

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Nord VPN sucks! It’s slow, it kicks you off its servers. It’s horrid. I want my money back.