Best VPNs for Hulu: How to Watch It Outside the U.S.

Hulu is an American website and streaming service that offers ad-sponsored access to shows, films, trailers, behind-the-scenes, and other series from NBC, Fox, ABC, TBS, and dozens of other TV production and broadcasting companies. It has over 3 million subscribers (1.5 million in its first year) and an impressive legal library of quality content.

Unlike Netflix, Hulu does not allow you to download movies to your computer or mobile device. At the same time, the service can be accessed through the game consoles – Wii, Xbox, PS3.

When you’re registering the Hulu account, it offers a week of free use, after which it is already necessary to pay a monthly subscription.

What movies and TV series are available on Hulu?

Even if you’ve never heard of Hulu, you probably know it’s best shows like “The Act”, “Castle Rock”, “11.22.63”, “Casual”, “Taboo”, “The Path”, “Solar Opposites“.


The most popular series on Hulu is “Handmaid’s Tale”, which won the Emmy and Golden Globe Awards. The number of movies, series, documentaries, clips, and animations is really huge. It contains a large amount of content from other networks, including Nickelodeon, FX, SyFy, PBS, Style, and Cartoon Network.


Most products appear on Hulu very fast, actually the day after they premiered on the original channels. Sounds attractive? But the main Hulu issue is that it’s available only in the U.S. and Japan. Well, with a great choice of VPN services which are able to provide access to Hulu, it doesn’t seem to be a problem. The only condition is to choose the right one.

How to set up Hulu account outside the U.S.

Basically, you can’t sign up for Hulu without an American credit card. There shouldn’t be any problems with the fake address but fake financial details won’t work. However, it is possible to register Hulu account in the UK or Germany or Spain or Italy or Greece or Switzerland or Norway or Denmark or Netherlands or Belgium or Poland or any other country in Europe. You just need a PayPal account or virtual credit card issued by the U.S. bank. You can also ask your friend or relative living in the U.S. (if you have one) to help.

Once you set up an account, you won’t need that credentials anymore. Of course, to access Hulu you have to pay for your subscription only with a U.S. credit card. Or… you can use gift cards! A Hulu Gift Card can be purchased at, PayPal, MyGiftCardSupply,, etc for $25 or $50. You can use the Hulu voucher code instead of paying subscription with a credit card and enjoy streaming for 3 months (after that you just need to buy another gift card). Many users find this way much more convenient.

Please note that during the purchase and activation of the card you must use a VPN connection to the American server. Using a Hulu Gift Card with a VPN will give you full access to the streaming service with its full functionality.

5 things you should know before bypassing Hulu geoblocking

You can’t watch Hulu for free even with a VPN – you still need a subscription to get access to content.
Even if you live in the U.S., but currently are traveling for work or vacation, Hulu streaming will be blocked as soon as you change your location.
Don’t forget – to open Hulu with your VPN, you need to use only American or Japanese servers.

It is absolutely legal to watch Hulu with a VPN since you’re already paying for a subscription.

Avoid using free VPN for Hulu – they limit the connection and streaming speed at a critical level.

What VPNs prove they can unblock Hulu restrictions?

The main VPN features required for streaming are speed, connection protocol options, international server options, platform compatibility, and ease of use.  If you’d like to learn more about basic VPN features, read the article What is a VPN? Here the five best VPNs that really works with Hulu:

NordVPN is one of the best VPNs for Hulu. You will connect to the VPN server through an encrypted tunnel and browse the Internet under the protection of its IP address. Besides, all users connected to the same server will get the same IP address. This way your traffic will be hidden from other traffic passing through this server. It takes only one click to hide your IP address, encrypt your traffic, and change your location.

Nord VPN
Watch Hulu from anywhere

Express VPN provides high speed and reliable connection for streaming Hulu. With this service you will enjoy an unlimited VPN bandwidth. ExpressVPN offers award-winning applications for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux, so you can easily watch Hulu on any gadget you like.

Watch Hulu from anywhere

CyberGhost VPN will help you to replace your IP address by connecting to American or Japanese servers which will be perfect for Hulu. You can also use one CyberGhost VPN subscription to use up to 7 devices simultaneously. Even if you want to use a public Wi-Fi, it will still mask your region, so you can enjoy favorite shows anytime everywhere.

Watch Hulu from anywhere

5 Euro VPN recommends users to select their server in Dallas watch Hulu content (or a server that communicates with Dallas’s server via Smart DNS in the Netherlands), and then log in to streaming service in the United States from there. Then, the Hulu computer sees the incoming signal from the U.S. IP address (that 5 Euro VPN’s server creates) and thinks that it is an American user. After that, you can log in with a valid account and enjoy watching your favorite movies and TV shows without restrictions.

5 Euro VPN
Watch Hulu from anywhere

PureVPN provides fast and unlimited access to Hulu movies, TV shows, sporting events, and much more. You don’t need to rack your brains when choosing between speed, convenience, additional features, security, or privacy. PureVPN promises everything at once!

Watch Hulu from anywhere

Don’t limit yourself!

If you do not live in the U.S., it doesn’t mean you belong to a group of people who cannot take full advantage of the Hulu service. All you need is to subscribe to a high-speed VPN provider with unlimited traffic that can bypass Hulu blocking and enjoy one of the most engaging streaming services without any troubles.

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