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Roobet: Finding Your VPN Niche In a World of Online Games

Unless you’ve been hiding under a pixelated molehill, you’ve probably been hearing the name “Roobet” a lot lately. The edgy social gaming site leverages cryptocurrency to bring user safety to a space it was made for: online gaming.

It takes its games a step further than poker and roulette, though. Roobet has everything from Monopoly to Baccarat, and if your reflexes are up to scratch, minigames like the Roolympics will reward you for the points you earn. Its high-octane crypto-betting game Crash, has brought an extra shot of adrenaline to the niche, and its gameshow-style offerings add plenty of originality, too.

The site comes out glistening when put through several different trust score systems, including ScamAdviser, but it’s tanked a few ratings as well. It has a valid SSL certificate and HTTPS protocol, but that doesn’t necessarily protect you from DDoS attacks or swatting.

The site itself is legitimate, but Wi-Fi banking is no safer here than anywhere else. In short, using Roobet without a VPN is like wandering the wild west without arms or a horse.

Where is Roobet Available?

Roobet’s crypto side might lend itself to universality, but its online casino games force the blocking of certain locations. Its platform, SoftSwiss, adds further restrictions under the regulations of the Malta Gaming Authority. That comes with a stiff vetting process and auditing rules, but it also adds banned nations like Denmark and Algeria.

You can access the site in Canada, the USA, Ireland, and New Zealand with pounds, Euros, US dollars, and a few European currencies.
Roobet offers a variety of online games

How to Access Roobet Casino Without Restrictions

If online gaming is legal in your country but the lifting of online restrictions has been slow to follow, you can access Roobet through a spoofed location—a role that virtually invented VPN technology.

A Roobet VPN might hide your identity, but it’s not a tool to pick up on a whim. Every country has its own VPN laws. It’s legal to use the tool in the USA and UAE, but it remains illegal to commit crimes through a VPN. That can cover a massive range of acts, from selling copyrighted content to cyberstalking and gambling.
Roobet isn't available everywhere

In other words, if you’re going to spoof, spoof legally.

Other VPN Benefits with Roobet

A VPN is a multi-talented network that does more than just unblock restricted content. Every time you access a site, you open a door that can be entered from the other side. That can open you up to DDOS attacks, DNS leaks, and theft.

A good VPN offers:

  • Anonymity by masking your IP address and keeping your browsing activity hidden from prying eyes.
  • Encryption so that your online activity and identity can’t be tracked.
  • A secure connection to untrusted networks so that your own internet service provider can’t gather data about your online activity.
  • A shield to hide restricted access.
  • Protection from distributed denial-of-service attacks.
  • Security by protecting your Roobet cryptocurrency transactions and wallet. Even a minor data leak can expose your cryptocurrency wallet to thieves, so encryption is critical.

One of your VPN’s most important protections is against DNS leaks. Domain name system servers (DNS) translate domain names into IP addresses so that you can access websites without typing out their IP addresses. You use a DNS every time you visit a website, creating the potential for external parties to view the server logs that track your online actions.
A good VPN prevents DNS leaks

VPNs route your DNS requests through an anonymous server, encrypting your activity as they go. This way, hackers and governments alike can no longer track your online activities. A bad VPN lets DNS requests leak beyond an encrypted network, so quality matters.

How to Choose a VPN for Roobet

A VPN service should, theoretically, prevent location-based blocks by obscuring your region and encrypting your internet connection, but it doesn’t always play out quite that simply. Many gaming sites don’t allow access through virtual networks, and many VPNs create such a sluggish connection that playing is well-nigh impossible.

A low ping time can also cause lag, particularly with titles like Roobet’s Crash that rely on smooth gameplay. You’ll need a service that improves upload speed through multiple servers, or you’ll risk losing precious Roobet Crash points.
A good VPN offers fast speed

User-friendliness is just as important. You’ll want to log in without hunting for the swiftest server.

If you’ve ever gamed through a throttled bandwidth, you’ll know the importance of VPN speed and server numbers. The cream of the VPN crop have thousands of unthrottled servers that’ll peg you at any location you prefer.

VPNs have a key role to play in online gaming, and one title rises above the rest in review after review: NordVPN.

  • It combines top-level 256-bit encryption with log-free surfing
  • Its rapid server network has collected a massive fan base among avid gamers
  • With 5, 200 servers covering 60 countries, it has the geek cred to win the attention of computer whizzes and casual gamers alike.

We love NordVPN and we know you will too!

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