Best VPN for League of Legends

Putting the Lulz Back into LoL with a VPN

There is no hell where The Great RPGs™ go to die. They just keep on living like Keith Richards. When we aren’t playing them for the galeventy-ish time, we’re reminding younger developers that their predecessors did it better. If we could make our own pixelated shrines to Neverwinter Nights and Baldur’s Gate, we would. We’d make one for League of Legends, too.League of Legends

The legendary League of Legends was launched on a cold and dreary day in 2006. Over a decade later, it’s still evolving and winning new fans.

Even Perfection Needs a Boost

Remember when there were only 17 champions to choose from? Yeah. Me neither, but it definitely happened. These days, we have 128. (Can I be the sexy mid, please?)Characters choice on LoL

Despite its colossal improvements, LoL hasn’t fixed all of its gameplay interruptions. Some networks block the game entirely. Others throttle it for committing the mortal sin of being too fast.

LoL is also a frequent DDoS attack target, and that’s not the kind of thing your 100 armor can protect against. These assaults can have a serious impact on your team’s capacity to grow.

We’ll give you three guesses as to the solution. You’ve got it: a VPN.

Do You Really Need a VPN for League of Legends?

The short answer to this question is, “Probably.”

A VPN is the mental health necessity of the LoL world. If you’ve ever lost a battle to lag, you’ll know why.

With 115 million monthly players, the game has become as competitive as professional sports. Every second matters to your performance. A VPN will give you the precious seconds your twitch reflexes need while simultaneously overcoming geoblocks.

If you’re one of League’s beta players, a VPN will also push you through its beta restrictions, which are maddening in their nonconformity. The developers block regions on a whim, and nobody should have to deal with that kind of grief (sob).

A VPN will annihilate your latency problems and overturn geoblocks, but using one with League is trickier than it should be. Without one, though, you can only play with gamers in your area, so finding a workaround is worth the hassle.

How to Get Access Via a VPN

It turns out that game developers are pretty good at ruling the digital world. What a surprise [sarcasm].

Riot Games blocks VPNs better than most. Its ban list is based on volume, primarily because it unbalances server stability and causes lag. They’re also suspicious of players who use different IP addresses every time they log on because they look like shared accounts.Changing IP Address by every login

To make the matter even more complicated, it adds to its beta blocks all the time, so if you want constant access to all things LoL, there’s only one way to get it.

Our League of Legends VPN of Choice

Our VPN of choice for League of Legends is…


Surfshark because it’s delightfully easy to use.

The key trait for an LoL VPN is control. Choosing your own server needs to be as easy as possible because playing from a different continent can send your ping rate all the way up to 1, 400. If you’re going to outsmart Riot Games’ blocking policy, you’ll probably need to open a port manually from your port forwarding interface.

Surfshark’s account dashboard is intuitive enough for VPN-noobs, but if this paragraph sounds like nerd-gibberish to you, their support team will help you to work around LoL’s evil geniuses.Surfshark Support Team

Yes, folks, Surfshark is that accommodating. Don’t you wish GOG was that helpful?

Surfshark has over 3,200 servers, each with their own private DNS. They’re all peer-to-peer friendly, which provides all the efficiency you need to fix gaming lag.

Even better, it’s affordable at a mere $2.21 a month for a two-year subscription with our special deal!

Riot Games makes light work of blocking most budget VPNs, but this one balances quality and economy beautifully. Its learning curve is also gentle enough for a toddler to crawl on. We call that a win. How about you?

Bypass any geoblocks with the most affordable VPN!

VPNing your way to Victory

League of Legends isn’t strictly anti-VPNs. Their blocking policy is a grand attempt to improve gameplay. You’ve got to give them credit for that. It is, nonetheless, a pain in the ARAM, but Surfshark has your back.

Now all you have to do is raise your awful creep score.

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