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Ask Not What U.S. Payment Cards Can Do for You…

The U.S. Dollar is the King Kong of global currencies. Even Trump couldn’t keep it down for long. And, much like old Kong, it can cross oceans as though they’re paddling pools.

Eleven countries use it as their primary currency. But you’d be hard-pressed to find a nation that won’t accept it. Canada, the Caribbean, Belize, and Nicaragua are just a few spots that will happily trade in American currency.

Dollar power can turn you into a true global citizen, so all you need is a few visa stamps or a modem, and you’re set for the shopping spree of a lifetime. There’s a reason Visa, Amex, and Mastercard are the most accepted credit cards in the world.

With the right virtual prepaid card on your side, you can gain access to some of the most fabulous stores, platforms, and services the world has to offer.

The Magic of a U.S. Payment Card

Can anyone say “$250 laptop?” Because we certainly can. Walmart’s tech prices are so low they deserve their own fireworks and champagne.

The USA has enough shopping madness to fill a psych ward. Whether you roll with The Gap, or Macy’s, it does capitalism best.

A digital shopping trip can carry you to all the best beauty counters in the world.

Hell, America will even sell you chocolate-covered bacon and bacon-flavored soda to fo with that. And that’s just about as ‘Murican as it gets!

US Unlocked virtual american bank card

An American card will also open up the magical worlds of HBO Max, Hulu, ESPN, and American Amazon Prime. There’s simply no better way to Netflix and Сhill, especially when you have enough Reese’s Pieces to tide you over for the weekend.

Want to know what other platforms you are missing out on?

Better yet, you can get to the end of your shopping trip without giving up an iota of information about yourself. Now that’s a trick James Bond would gladly add to his cyanide cigarette shelf.

A prepaid virtual card is the perfect way to shed your local currency before an economic crisis strikes. No currency is as secure as the dollar, so if you’re expecting a fickle era, all you need to do is top up that card.

Ask not what your U.S. card can do for you. Ask what your U.S. card can’t do for you.

The answer? — Pretty much nothing! So why are we still talking about this?

But There’s a Problem. Isn’t There Always?

The greatest economy in the world isn’t easy to penetrate.

You might have access to your local Amex, but few U.S. online virtual card providers will accept foreign clients.

So you might find yourself cut off from all the Walmart, Target, Amazon, and a gazillion streaming platform goodness. So you’ll need a strategy.

Don’t worry, though. We have one cocked and ready for you!

Amazingly enough, there’s a service for that very purpose

It’s called US Unlocked, and it’ll let you process transactions with merchant-specific cards and one-time payment cards.

So what makes US Unlocked so awesome?

Prepaid virtual payment cards? Merchant-specific cards? One-time use cards?

Those might sound like some intimidating additions to your daily vocab.

Well, they are not. And we’ll explain why in great detail! [which should be the name of this website at this point ?]

Jumping through hoops to get a green card, or Social Security Number, leaving your life behind, relocating to the US, and getting a job as a Walmart greeter might seem just a bit too much of a hassle to get your hands on some HBO Max streaming action (and it’ll still be too expensive).

Well, US Unlocked gets you there with a few clicks from pretty much anywhere in the world.

But if that doesn’t sell you (and let’s be honest, it should), here’s but a few extra perks that US Unlocked cards get you.

US Unlocked Merchant-Specific Cards

Sounds sophisticated, doesn’t it?

Well, that’s not the only thing going for US Unlocked’s merchant-specific cards.

A merchant-specific card means that your virtual card gets locked to the merchant (online store/streaming service/your favorite Starbucks) and can only be used from there on in.

This is great for a few reasons:

  • With a merchant-specific card, you rest assured no service will ever overcharge you.
    Say, you only want to get Hulu for only 11 months, and not a day more. Weird, but not a problem! Just load the necessary amount and never pay anything extra!
  • Merchant-specific cards are also awesome because you get to use each and every one of them with a specific service.
    Say, you have a very tight Hulu and Reese’s Pieces budget. Again, weird, but not a problem! US Unlocked will hook you up with Hulu and Walmart-specific cards, and you can choose where to blow your hard-earned money.
    That’s just smart budget management right there!
    Extra perk: no compulsive-2-AM-on-a-Friday-after-wine Rick and Morty blankie purchases.

US Unlocked merchant specific cards

US Unlocked Single-use Cards

Another type of payment cards US Unlocked can get you is one-time purchase cards.

This basically means that you can only use the card once for one specific purchase, and then it will be Thanos-snapped out of existence.

And this unique feature is great for a variety of reasons:

  • This is one of the most secure ways to shop online today. Your single purchase will never be tracked back to you. Think of it as using a VPN, but for online purchases.
    Forget getting your hands on some Bitcoins! There’s anonymity available for the regular dollar. Who can keep up with Bitcoin’s ups and downs anyway?!
  • You can keep all of your online purchases private, so no one will ever know how many Reese’s Pieces you actually go through in a month.
  • Unlike the merchant-specific cards, you don’t get locked with a specific merchant, so you can make one-time payments and always know that you won’t be billed at the end of the month by Quibi or something.
  • After you use a single-use card, a new one will be generated immediately, so you can continue blowing your money without skipping a beat.

One-time use virtual cards

How to Unlock your US shopping
[see what we did there?]

US Unlocked functions through a virtual assistant named Ruby.

She’ll guide you through the application process, help you to shop through all the best American retailers, and even connect you to your own freight forwarding partner.
Shipping with US Unlocked

She’s a clever girl, that Ruby.

Using the service is as easy as getting through a pack of Reese’s Pieces, and no, we’re not obsessed with peanut butter cups. Why would you think that?

This is how it works:

1. Create an online account with US Unlocked.

US Unlocked Subscription form

2. Fire it up and pay your one-time activation fee (which are very reasonable, all things considered)

US Unlocked subscription and transaction fees

3. Wait for your virtual card to give you access to your account balance (the minimum load amount with US Unlocked is $50, which is 303 snack-size Reese’s Pieces, holy diabetes, Batman!)
4. Spend your cash! Oh my gosh!

Hulu with US Unlocked

Yep, we got ourselves Hulu. Jealous much?!

5. Ask Ruby to connect you to a shipping service through your own U.S. shipping address.

US Unlocked shipping merchants

The account dashboard will break down your purchases and transaction history in all their color-coded splendor.US Unlocked user panel information

US Unlocked will even give you a few dollars every time you make a successful referral, which is just as well because we’re going to run out of Reece’s Pieces.

How to Become a Grown-Up Spender

US Unlocked is a responsible financial service provider. It gives you the freedom to cancel cards and apply for new ones without racking up fees.

But there are more savings where that comes from.

Your account gives you a U.S. shipping address, so you can evade a few of those absurd cross-border payments that usually use up all your Reece’s Pieces money. In exchange, you pay a one-time enrollment fee of $15.

It might sound intimidating, but it’s easier than you think.

Get US Unlocked and get anything the US has to offer

US Unlocked is all about convenience, so it really is as simple as shopping, paying, and shipping. We’ve been lecturing you on how to access foreign streaming providers for years now, so we love US Unlocked‘s power to keep it all on one continent.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we have a laptop to buy and some Hulu to binge.

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