How to watch Croatia – Morocco live and for free from anywhere

How to watch Croatia – Morocco live and for free from anywhere

After Morocco lost to France in one of the most intense battles of the entire World Cup, the last two matches of the Championship are clear. But before we get to see the finals, Morocco gets another shot at the podium going up against Croatia in a battle for 3rd place. Get the popcorn out, guys, because this one is going to be intense. And we can’t wait!

Both teams have had quite a go at the World Cup. Morocco in particular has become the biggest miracle of the current World Cup. Not only was this the first time for the Moroccan team to make it this far into the Championship, but it was also the first-ever football team from Africa to do so. Unfortunately, the teams couldn’t withstand the onslaught that is France in the Quarter-finals and is currently looking to get third place in the Cup.

But that’s not to say Croatia had a poor performance either. For years, the Croatian football team was widely regarded as one of the strongest football teams in Europe. And this time the team has made it further than it ever has before it was crushed by Argentina.

Morocco coming up against Croatia might be a tougher and more intense match than the finals. So the entire world is going to be looking at the football drama unfold. But can everyone do that?

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How to watch Croatia vs. Morocco for free form anywhere

Everyone wants to watch Croatia take on Morocco, but not everyone can. At least, not how they want to.

Despite the FIFA World Cup being the biggest sporting event of the year and most of the countries broadcasting at least select matches for free, some have to pay to watch it or even subscribe to a certain sports streaming platform.

What’s worst still is that many can’t enjoy their local broadcasts with the rest of the country due to some of the toughest geoblocks and streaming restrictions the world has ever seen. You can’t access your local stream from abroad. And this leaves millions of fans without a way to cheer for their team the way they want to.

Fortunately, however, in this day of technological brilliance, anything is possible with the right tools. And you too can watch the Morocco – Croatia match the way you want to with ExpressVPN!

How does ExpressVPN help you? Well:

  • ExpressVPN is a Virtual Private Network with the most robust and diverse server network out of any other provider. This means it grants you instant access to anywhere in the world with a single click.
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  • On top of that, ExpressVPN is the fastest VPN. So it doesn’t just give you access to a stream, but also makes streaming pleasurable.
  • Finally, with ExpressVPN you never risk anything because of its generous 30-day refund policy. Thanks to it you can watch the match and get your money back if you don’t have any use for it anymore.
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The best ways to watch the Croatia – Morocco match

With the entire world glued to any stream they can find to watch the football drama unfold, there is no shortage of ways to stream and watch the World Cup. However, if we were to list them all, we would never get this guide to you on time.

So instead, we’ve decided to focus on the main streaming options to broadcast the match. Ones that are as easy to access, as they are great. But if you haven’t found the streaming option that you need, we suggest you check out our full guide to the World Cup:

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Now then… Onto the streaming options!

Watch Croatia vs. Morocco on HRTi from abroad

The time of the Croatian football team may have been cut short at the World Cup, but it’s not done yet. And now that third place is the best the team can do, you know they are going to bring it their all! And you also know that the entire country is going to be watching the final match of the team.

Well, we have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that the live broadcast of the match will be available on HRTi for all of Croatia to watch for free. As it should be. The bad news is that the stream is not available anywhere outside of the country.
The World Cup streaming on HRTi in Croatia

However, if you want but can’t access the local Croatian football stream from abroad, all is not lost. Because with the power of ExpressVPN you can stream anything, anywhere. So here’s what you do:

  1. Start by getting an ExpressVPN subscription, downloading, and installing the appropriate app on your device. No other VPN can access Croatian streaming.
  2. Next, launch the ExpressVPN app and connect to one of the provider’s servers located in Croatia.
  3. Finally, head over to the HRTi online streaming platform and log into your account as you normally would.
  4. Don’t have an account? Simply make one and enjoy the game!

Watch Morocco vs. Croatia in Arabic on SBS on Demand

Croatia may have made it far in the World Cup, but not even the Champions (whoever it might end up being) can outshine Morocco. And the upcoming Croatia v. Morocco match is the last one they are going to play at the Championship. So, of course, any fan is going to want to support the team as it fights for third place.

Well, watching the game’s live stream in Arabic might not be easy. Most of those broadcasts are with paid streaming subscriptions and are blocked behind intense paywalls. However, we managed to dig up a way for anyone to enjoy the game live, for free, and in Arabic. And it comes in the form of the SBS on Demand streaming platform in Australia (where else, are we right?)
Morocco vs Croatia streaming for free in Arabic on SBS

Want to enjoy the broadcast too? Who doesn’t?! And ExpressVPN is your ticket in. So here’s what you do:

  1. Start by getting an ExpressVPN subscription. No other VPN is fast enough to unblock and stream all the way from Australia.
  2. Next, launch the ExpressVPN app and connect to one of the provider’s servers in Australia.
  3. Now, head over to the SBS on Demand streaming platform and apply for a free account. Setting one up takes seconds and doesn’t require you to provide any complicated information.
  4. Finally, navigate to the stream and enjoy the stream the way you want to!


How about French? Millions of French-speaking Moroccan fans are going to want to watch the match wherever they might be. Well, we might have a solution for that as well.

In France, every single World Cup match can be seen through the country’s main TF1 broadcaster who just so happens to have an online streaming service too. The problem is that that broadcast is, of course, unavailable to anyone abroad.
Qatar 2022 streaming live and free on TF1 in France

Want to join the broadcast? With ExpressVPN it’s as easy as a couple of clicks. So here’s all it takes:

  1. Start by getting an ExpressVPN subscription and installing the app on your device.
  2. Next, launch the app and connect to one of the provider’s servers located in France.
  3. Once connected, head over to the TF1 website and log into your account if you have one. If not – simply make one.
  4. Finally and most importantly, enjoy the game in a kind and polite manner.

BBC iPlayer

Not looking for any particular stream or language? Just want to watch some good old football in some good old English? Then UK’s BBC iPlayer is the best place to be!

That’s right, England might be out of the Championship, but it’s not done watching it. And all of the action including the Morocco – Croatia match can be followed on the country’s favorite streaming service.
Croatia vs. Morocco streaming on BBC iPlayer live and for free

Interested? That’s great because we know just the way you can tune in and watch all of the action as it unfolds. Here goes:

  1. Start by getting an ExpressVPN subscription. No other VPN is as great at cracking UK streaming services, so there’s no way around it.
  2. Next, set the VPN app on your device, launch it, and connect to one of the provider’s servers in the United Kingdom.
  3. Then, head over to the BBC iPlayer online streaming platform and apply for a free account.
  4. To make one, you are going to have to provide the platform with a local postcode. Don’t panic, we have all the postcodes you need: SY1 4AJ, TR7 2DA, BD18 3EP, YO26 6PQ, TS15 9PA, WV11 2NG, IV12 4AU, CH48 7HN, G65 0DZ.
  5. If the platform asks you whether you have a local TV license, simply click ‘Yes‘,
  6. That’s it. You can now enjoy some of the best sports commentaries the world over!

May the best team win!

The two teams have already met on the field in this World Cup. On November 23rd at the Al Bayt Stadium the two tied 0:0 after quite an intense match that required a level of play and concentration few other matches have shown in the entire Cup. And now they are going to meet again. This one, however, is for all the marbles!

Regardless of the team you are rooting for, this is one World Cup match you can’t afford to miss. Next up are the finals, so enjoy great football while it lasts!

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