How to stream Jordan Peele's Us on Netflix

How to stream Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ on Netflix

With the latest success of the newly released ‘Nope,’ Jordan Peele has cemented himself as one of the best and most distinct horror directors of our generation. And now everyone is flocking to relive all of the previous films that brought Peele into the movie-making spotlight. We’re talking, of course, the Us (2019) and the absurdly unique Get Out (2017).

Overnight, Peele’s latest horror opus has become a success. And as any good horror flick, Nope left the fans craving more. Whether it’s just more movies, more of the director’s unique aesthetic, or more reasons to prove that all of the movies are connected, everyone is going crazy for Peele’s work once again. And while Get Out is a classic for the ages, Peele’s second film Us is finally getting so much deserved appreciation. And so, everyone’s currently raiding their local streaming services to try and find Jordan Peele’s earlier work.

This is where things get mysterious.

In true Jordan Peele fashion, his movies seem to be in some sort of a streaming void, nowhere to be found. So, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to solve this mystery and give you the best solutions to streaming Jordan Peele’s movies.

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Where can you stream Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’?

Nowhere, apparently! And this is incredibly frustrating!

Well, OK, it’s not like the Internet is bereft of options. You can still rent the movie on Apple TV, Vudu, Google Play, YouTube Premium, and Amazon.

But A) Who does that? And B) With there being so many streaming platforms, how can there be no one streaming Jordan Peele movies? Honestly, the only two acceptable answers would be that either the government is hiding them from Us (?), or Jordan Peele is getting ready to launch his very own streaming platform called “The Peele Popper”. And while the latter sound like the best thing ever, we’re not going to hold our breath.

So. What now? There you are coming up with all sorts of crazy movie theories, but you know Reddit is just going to tear them apart if you don’t bring the most bulletproof of evidence. But you can’t do that if you can’t rewatch the movie now, can you?

Is this what the Sunken Place feels like?..

But what if we told you, you could actually stream the movie right now on regular old Netflix? Now things are getting interesting, aren’t they?

What do you mean “Stream Us on Netflix“? It’s not there!

While this might sound like something directly out of a movie, bear with us here.

See, Netflix is a worldwide presence. But because there are so many countries, and every country has its own streaming platforms, what Netflix offers really depends on the place.

Want to know how that works?
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So, theoretically, if Us is nowhere to be found on American, British, Canadian, or Australian Netflix, there are still places where it’s perfectly streamable.

Do we have an example?Funny you should ask!

We can actually save you the trouble and tell you exactly where you can stream the movie. Us, illusive as it is (but it’s not Top Gun, we’ll tell you that much), is currently streaming on Netflix in Italy and France. And if you’re reading this after the 1st of August, it’s also available on Netflix in the Netherlands.
Movie Us streaming on Netflix in the Netherlands

Now… If only there was a way to access foreign Netflix catalogs… Funny you should mention.

How to access any Netflix catalog?

Unless you are one of the Tethered and have been living underground your entire life, you have probably heard of VPNs – a nifty cybersecurity tool that lets you take back your online privacy. But did you also know that it lets you access foreign Netflix libraries and streaming services?

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But ever since the now infamous VPN ban, accessing foreign Netflix libraries is no easy task. Especially when it comes to Netflix libraries as exotic as France, Italy, or the Netherlands.

So just grabbing any old VPN and streaming away won’t work. You need to pick the right VPN to pull this off. Lucky for you, there is one that can get you there and do that much more: ExpressVPN!

But why ExpressVPN? Why this and not any of the other VPN providers out there today? Well, funny you should ask:

  • First and foremost, ExpressVPN gets the job done.
    We’ve tested it with nearly every Netflix library that matters and it has worked for us every. single. time.
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  • Finally, this is the VPN that has made speed its name both literally and figuratively.
    It’s the fastest VPN around, so it will let you stream anything from anywhere without a hitch.
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Got it? Good! Now all you have to do is:

  1. Get ExpressVPN!
  2. Then connect to one of the provider’s strong servers in Italy, France, or the Netherlands.
  3. Restart Netflix and you are there!

How about ‘Get Out’? Can you get Get Out on Netflix too?

Probably, but we weren’t as lucky.

Somehow, Get Out managed to be ever more elusive than Us. And try as we might, even with the power of ExpressVPN by our side and the holy image of Jordan Peele guiding our way, we just couldn’t find a Netflix library that has the movie.

It is in the Sunken Place!

However, this says nothing about the quality of ExpressVPN. Most likely, this is due to the movie rights shifting owners. Who knows, maybe it will be YOU who tells us in which country we can find the movie! And please do!


We know, we know, this has nothing to do with the movies, but we just couldn’t not do this. Could you?

Now that Nope has proven that Get Out was not a fluke, Jordan Peele’s Us is finally getting some much-needed appreciation. And we couldn’t be happier, because, frankly, it’s an awesome, weird, and very Jordan Peele movie.

So if you haven’t seen Us already – you have to check it out. And if you have – go rewatch it and see what you find. Luckily, with ExpressVPN by your side, you don’t have to with for the days of Blockbuster to be back.

So tell us… Are the movies connected?

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