How to stream Spider-Man: No Way Home on Netflix

How to stream Spider-Man: No Way Home on Netflix

There might not be the perfect Marvel movie, a perfect sequel, or a perfect superhero movie but Spider-Man: No Way Home comes pretty darn close. This is one of the best, most amazing Marvel rollercoasters that paid off on so many levels that we just can’t put it down. And, honestly, we hope we never do!

The latest Spider-Man movie does so many things so right, that it easily ranks up as one of the best superhero movies ever. Heck, with all of the risks the movie takes, with all of its twists and turns, it’s not just a great Spidey movie or a great comic book movie, it ranks up there as one of the best movies ever. And you are going to have to watch it at least 10 times to pick up on half of the easter eggs and consider yourself a true Spidey fan.

Even the trailer still gives us goosebumps:

Chills! Every single time!

But as much as we’d love to, we’re not here to fanboy all over Spider-Man: No Way Home. No. We’re here to talk everything streaming and make so many web puns it would make Spidey proud!

Now that No Way Home has been out for over half a year, it’s high time the movie found itself a home (HA!) on a streaming platform. But try as you might, there’s just no Spider-Man: Far From Home on Disney Plus.

So the obvious question is: What in the holy Spider-man pajamas is going on?!

We’re here to cover exactly that and web-swing you through everything you need to know about streaming everyone’s new favorite Spider-Man obsession!

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Where can you stream Spider-Man: No Way Home?

We couldn’t figure out why can’t we find the latest Spider-Man movie on any of the regular streaming platforms for a while. But then it hit us: Sony still owns the rights to everything Spider-Man, so of course, they are not making it easy on any of us.

C’mon, Sony, can’t just stick to making Playstations or something? We really love your Playstations.

So, we have gone looking and eventually found No Way Home on Starz of all places. No wonder we couldn’t find it! Awesome as Starz may be, we mostly go there for Outlander or something, not Marvel movies. At this point, you could have put it on Crackle, Sony (which you own), and made it free to watch.
Spider-Man: No Way Home streaming on Starz

But that’s the US. What about all the other places?

Well, they may very well be having just as much trouble finding where to stream everyone’s favorite web-swinger. For example, Canada’s only option is Amazon Prime Video. The UK can follow Spidey’s epic adventure across the multiverse (spoilers!) on Sky. And Australia has its pick of Prime Video, Foxtel, and BiNGE.

When is Spider-Man: No Way Home coming to Netflix?

So if the movie is available on pretty much every streaming platform there is, it’s bound to end up on Netflix eventually, right?

Well, as you can see, there’s no method to the madness whatsoever. And Spider-Man: No Way Home doesn’t seem to be coming to Netflix any time soon, or even ever. Not for you, at least.

Might as well spend years in Tibet with Doctor Strange mastering the mystic arts to then, maybe, just maybe, hop into a world where everything is streamable on Netflix like in the good old days.

But what if we told you you actually can stream the new Spidey flick on Netflix right now? “Somebody’s Got To Look Out For The Little Guy, Right?”

How is any of this even possible?

Netflix is much live interdimensional travel. OK, weird way to start this off. What we’re trying to say is that every country’s Netflix library is completely different. So if you can’t find a movie or series in your Netflix catalog, there may very well be a place where someone is watching it on the very same Netflix.

Can't wrap your head around it?
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And with Sony being… well, Sony, you can bet your web-shooters there’s a place in the world where Spider-Man: No Way Home is perfectly available on Netflix.

Don’t go looking just yet, as we have done all the heavy lifting for you. As usual, we have gone through every major library by hand and have found No Way Home on the Indian, Dutch and Italian Netflix.
Spider-Man: No Way Home streaming on Netflix in India

Now, that sounds amazing for the good people over there. But how does this help you?!

Well, now that you know where to stream the movie, all that’s left is the ‘how‘. And, lucky you, the ‘how‘ is what we do best!

How can you stream Spider-man: No Way Home on Netflix?

Unless you are indeed Doctor Strange with a sling ring, you basically have two options to pull this off. You either move to India or get a VPN.

I can’t go to India. I’ve got homework. The second option it is then!

But Netflix is no pushover. Ever since the infamous Netflix VPN ban, very few providers can actually unblock other libraries. Sure, most of the good ones were able to figure out the US library (and even that one’s tough). But India? Italy? C’mon, there’s no way, right?

That is the case for most of the VPN providers, yes. However, there’s one that continuously stood the test of time, bans, and interdimensional Netflix travel. And that’s ExpressVPN!

ExpressVPN is the friendly neighborhood VPN that everyone needs. It’s the superhero of the VPN world. And here’s everything that makes it special:

  • Even after the Netflix ban, ExpressVPN remained the one VPN provider that remained unphased by any of the restrictions.
    Today, this is the only VPN provider that can crack any of the biggest Netflix libraries with ease!
  • Thanks to its highly expansive server network, ExpressVPN has its very own portal into nearly any Netflix library you could ever want!
    India? – Easy! Italy? – No problem! And this is just the beginning.
  • Speed is key when streaming with a VPN. And lucky for your speed is one of ExpressVPN’s very own superpowers.
    Thanks to its incredible speeds, you will be web-swinging with Spidey seamlessly wherever you are!
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And that’s all you need right there!

A quick guide to Spider-Man: No Way Home on Netflix

Now that you know the where and the how all that’s left is actually getting to watch the movie. And this is as easy as pressing a button and opening Netflix. But we didn’t want to leave you hanging –- that’s Spider-Man’s job!

So, here’s all it takes to stream Spider-Man: No Way Home on Netflix right now:

  1. Get ExpressVPN!
  2. Connect to a server in India.
  3. Relaunch Netlfix.
  4. Put on your Spidey jammies and enjoy the next 2 hours and 28 minutes!

Nothing to it, right? But No Way Home isn’t the only thing that you can get with ExpressVPN. In fact, its streaming capabilities are as limitless as the multiverse. So you will definitely get your money’s worth, we promise.

I’m Peter by the way

Whether you’re a fan of superhero movies or not, whether you are a fan of movies or not, Spider-Man: No Way Home is a must! And if you haven’t seen it already, now you know how to do it on Netflix. So you basically have no excuse!

And trust us when we say one last time: It’s definitely worth it! Somehow, this insane movie, drenched in the Marvel mythology, managed to stick every single landing. It’s the Amazing Spider-Man – the name definitely checks out.

And now, thanks to your very own Netflix sling ring that is ExpressVPN, you no longer have to worry about Spider-Man: No Way Home coming to Netflix. Nor do you have to take out an excessive amount of streaming subscriptions. All you have to do is get yourself the ultimate VPN powerup and instantly stream anything you could ever want!

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