Best VPNs extensions for Google Chrome

Best VPNs for Google Chrome

If there is one thing we can all agree on, the Google Chrome web browser has come a long way since its debut in 2008. It has established itself as the household name among browsers thanks to its stability, versatility, and security.

These days, it is one of the, if not, the most popular browsers, with over 2.65 billion netizens using it all over the world.

Although its global browser market share has been declining over the last few years, Google Chrome has remained dominant, boasting a staggering 63.58% market share.

While these figures are impressive – almost as impressive as Lionel Messi’s – they are also worrying.

But you can dispense with all your worries with NordVPN by your side!

What dangers and issues do you face on the daily using Chrome?

Chrome’s overwhelmingly high usage presents a wonderful opportunity for third parties to monitor your online activities, collect, steal, and even sell your browser data.

And most of it doesn’t even involve somebody phishing your passwords or credentials. Most of your data is passed around legally. At least, that’s what the laws tell us.

So here are but a few dangers of using Chrome, and some are definitely used against you by Google.

Gathering information

Harsh a truth as this may be, Google has a sickening amount of information about you.

Your name, face, birthday, gender, passwords, phone number, watch history, location history, YouTube videos you’ve watched, all of the emails you use… A lot of this information is carefully gathered by your favorite browser.
Google Chrome gathers and stores information on you

They say if you want to know someone’s character, look at their friends. It is also no news that your browsing habits tell way more about you than your bank statements or even friends.

Every search request you have ever done, everything you have googled, every website you have ever visited, purchase you’ve made online, cat video you’ve liked – all of this information is stored away somewhere.

The worst part is that it could be handed over to interested parties such as advertisers for money.

Think about it, why do you start seeing several cat bowl ads after showing even the slightest interest in getting one for your favorite cat?

They call it “personalization“, we call it a massive invasion of privacy. And sooner or later, it becomes messy.

Take your privacy into your own hands!

Google is constantly targeted by hackers

With so much information being channeled through Google, it should come as no surprise that Google, its features, extensions, and everything in between is a constant target for hackers and the like.

We are not just talking phishing websites, though them as well, we’re talking sophisticated attacks that monitor your online activity and gain access to your accounts and personal information.

Social engineering has become advanced today, and getting access to your online habits through Google is one of the commonly adopted tactics.

These days you can get malware from anything. It’s not just weird files in your email, or Skype messages asking you to click on a link with the promise of a better life. These days, it’s enough to view a malicious ad to get all the malware you could ever not want (and we’re not just saying that, it’s called malvertising).

And while Google does take steps to keep you safe online, storing all of your passwords, accounts, images, payment information in some fluffy Google cloud just seems like a recipe for an inevitable disaster.
Google's collecting of data can lead to hacking

Blocks and restrictions

Chrome is more than your ride to Facebook or Wikipedia. It’s also one of the main entertainment hubs for most.

These days there are several streaming platforms, and channels that you can access through browsers like Chrome. These platforms, however, may block you from viewing some things, or all of them depending on where you log in from. And that’s just not fair.

In addition, most schools, companies, public places track your online activities. Unlike advertisers who are mostly after what you may like and selling it to you, those might block some websites, making them inaccessible.

Governments also often put similar restrictions, China being a notorious example. But don’t think you have it that much better. Most governments in the world restrict your access to information one way or another. It all depends on the scale.
Governments block or restrict access to some sites

So how do you manage all these issues?

There is a way to take back your Chrome freedom!

If you are looking to bypass Google’s invasiveness, there’s definitely something you can do.

You don’t have to dump your favorite browser for a second-rate one, as it might also log just as much information about you.

The solution is a Chrome VPN extension.

Why are VPNs the answer?

VPNs and their extensions have increasingly become the go-to choice for staying safe while browsing. With a reliable VPN for Chrome, you will be able to encrypt all of the data you access through the browser including websites you visit, conceal your IP, and get access to whatever you want without third parties, or even Google itself being able to access to your information.

If you were ever concerned with privacy (you most certainly have to be in this age we live in) and don’t want to switch from your favorite browser, a VPN extension is a must.
VPN browser extensions are the best way to stay anonymous on Google Chrome

How are Chrome VPN extensions different from apps?

There seems to be a lot of confusion about how VPN apps are different from browser extensions.

You think you’re protected and anonymous online using a browser extension, check out The Pirate Bay (out of curiosity, of course, why do you ask?) and then get slapped with a fine out of nowhere.

VPN apps generally work by encrypting ALL of the traffic that comes and leaves your device unless you’ve set exceptions or are using split tunneling.

VPN browser extensions, on the other hand, narrow down the encryption to your browser’s traffic. This gives you more control over how you want to hide your online traffic and what you do on the internet.
A VPN browser extension gives you control over the information that you want to be encrypted

They are much more convenient in the sense that all other apps, streaming platforms, and pretty much everything else you might be doing on your desktop will still use regular traffic. Only the browser traffic will be rerouted through the VPN connection.

Great, so I can grab just any VPN extension for Chrome?

Not really.

VPN extensions have the same rules as the apps. So just about any plugin you can grab off the Play Store won’t cut it.

Here are a couple of reasons why:

  • Since many extensions can get onto the Play Store, lots of VPNs on there often do more bad than good.
  • Tempting as they may seem, free VPN extensions are mostly there to gather your information, install spyware or do many other nasty things.
  • Other free VPN extensions also replace Google as the central intelligence-gathering agency. They want a piece of the pie, and what better pie is there than the one you think you’re eating alone in a dark room? Your information is valuable, and, of course, free providers get the most out of it.

Which are the worst free VPN offenders?

Free VPNs can store and sell your data

The only way to avoid all these troubles is by going high-end.

So what are the best Chrome VPN extensions you can trust?

Since there are so many Chrome VPN extensions, and pretty much every provider has one, it’s hard to narrow down the list to just one choice.

But we managed to narrow it down to three!

So here are the three best VPNs we’ve seen and tested thus far. Take your pick!


NordVPN’s excellent abilities extend beyond the app to its lightweight VPN extension.

  • It offers the same selections of countries to connect to, meaning all the options are still there (even though it does not allow you to choose specific servers).
  • Unlike other extensions that pretty much act as proxies, NordVPN has something to offer. It delivers when it comes to security, with the extension working just as effectively as the app.
  • It’s also great at unblocking streaming platforms, and that’s entertainment guaranteed.

Whether it be browser or app,
we love NordVPN all around!


When it comes to security, there is no beating ExpressVPN, and it goes for their Chrome extension as well.

  • It has a very slick and easy-to-use extension that can be added to your Chrome seamlessly.
  • The extension can easily spoof your location and match it with your IP. This comes in handy, given how much Google loves tracking your location.
  • It comes with a set of neat security features you can play around with while still staying protected online.

There is a lot more to be said about ExpressVPN
Want to hear it all?


If it’s entertainment you are looking to have through your Chrome, then Surfshark is exactly what you need.
Surfshark VPN extension for Google Chrome

  • Even though it’s fairly new, the Surfshark extension for Chrome is highly secure and extremely reliable.
  • The extension doesn’t skip any steps – it has ALL the functionality that the desktop one packs.
  • It is THE VPN when it comes to unblocking entertainment, and it does so effortlessly, whatever you want to access. Be it Netflix libraries or other streaming platforms unavailable in your country – Surfshark has got you covered.

And entertainment isn't all Surfshark is good for
What else is there?

Value your privacy before someone puts a value on it

It pays to go for a premium provider.

With one subscription, you get both the browser extension and the actual app. This gives you full control over your Internet traffic, wherever it comes from, wherever it goes.

Stay safe, and don’t let big tech make money off of you!

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